Md. Abdullah-Al-Hasan Sojon (মোঃ আবদুল্লাহ্-আল-হাসান সুজন), (born 25 February 1984) is a Bangladeshi Social Worker, Professional Trainer, Organiser and Writer. He is widely known as Villain Sir. His code is known as Villain3210. As a professional agent he wants to establish his knowledge, integrity, honesty and efficiency in his workplaces and in any term of high level confidence. He is the founder Chairman of Villain Educare, Digital Edge Professional Training Institute (DEEPTI) and জাগরণ. Villain Educare is his first organisation where he train up people by his invented methodology, known as "Try to be a great Criminal". It is a new idea of motivate others to do something better for the world. He encourages his follower to Sacrifice one's life for the betterment of the world and stay in a reliable touch of common people.

He is the CEO of Safeguard Associates and Greeen Destiny. He stared these two organisation along with his friends. Safeguard Associates has been established by some dynamic, dedicated and deliberate professionals with a mission of creating a group of smart and energetic personalities. Today, Safeguard Associates is a leading logistic support provider in AIS, MIS and Professional training in Bangladesh with 16 bold members.

Green Destiny is a value added jute goods/product manufacturing and exporting business organisation.

Early years and background

Md. Abdullah-Al-Hasan Sojon was born to the Md. Khurshid Alam and Maksuda Alam, in the Historical place of Bangladesh, Comilla. His paternal Sarkar family is a prestigious family in the village Gunjar at Muradnagar in Comilla.

Early career

Hasan, a young talent of Bangladesh, who stared struggle from his early life, now widely known for his bright career in a government service under the Ministry of Textile and Jute. He was intelligent and Patient from his student life. He started his career as a Guest Teacher in Bawany Adarsha Viddyalaya. He was very popular teacher of this school.

Educational background

He got his SSC form Bawany Adarsha Viddyalaya, HSC from Notre Dame College, Hons' in Accounting and Masters' in Accounting and Information System from Jagannath University. After that, He also got CA(CC) from The Institute of Chartered Accountant of Bangladesh ICAB and CEMBA from Bangladesh Open University BOU.


He Started to train up people by his invented methodology, known as "Try to be a great Criminal". He exposed himself by a tag line "Not all villains are evil". He invited his trainee to be a great criminal by committing CRIME. If anyone change his thinking and work on the light of this Methodology, he must be successful to turn his life as a Successful man. There is a frequently asked question, What does CRIME mean?

The elaboration of CRIME is: 

C = Concentration 

R = Rhythm 

I = Interest 

M = Method 

E = Exercise 

If anyone follow the term, set up his mind and exercise continuously marking a method, he must be a successful man as well as to be a great Criminal without a doubt.

He suggest everyone to Think Positive, Be Positive and Do Positive. He also suggest to Hear no Evil (Result is Think Positive), See no Evil (Result is Be Positive) and Speak no Evil (Result is Do Positive). He tries to make other understand that One can stay positive by changing one's attitude.

Quote for life

He established his life and career on the basis of his own belief. He express them as his "Quote for Life". The quotes are: 

মানুষ যতটা না তার নিজের তার চেয়ে বেশি অন্যের 

পদ নয়, পদাঙ্ক মানুষকে বড় করে তোলে 

নেতা বদলায় নয়, বদলে বিশ্বাসী

Recent activities

He is now very much busy with the activities of his organisations. He is going to start many charity programmes all over Bangladesh.

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Personal Profile in brief


Name                          : Md. Abdullah-Al-Hasan

Nick name                  : Sojon

Father’s name            : Md. Khurshid Alam

Mother’s name            : Maksuda Alam

 Permanent address     : Village        : Gunjor

                                      Post Office : Companygonj

                                      Thana        : Muradnagar

                                      District      : Comilla

Present address          : Sapnapinjar (স্বপ্নপিঞ্জর)

                                     Village        : Hazinagar

                                     Post Office  : Sarulia

                                     Thana          : Demra

                                     District        : Dhaka

Date of birth              : 25 February, 1984

Religion                     :  Islam (Sunni)

Nationality                 : Bangladeshi by birth

Aim in life                  : Want to be a good man

Hobby                        : Always try to do something special           

     ********************************************       Own belief 

মানুষ যতটা না তার নিজের তারচেয়ে বেশী অন্যের।

পদ নয়, পদাঙ্ক মানুষকে বড় করে তোলে।

নেতা বদলায় নয়, বদলে বিশ্বাসী।


Favourite poet          : Kazi Nazrul Islam

Favourite poem         : "Bidrohi" by Kazi Nazrul Islam

Favourite writer        : Sattajit Roy, Charles Dickens

Favourite novel          : Bedonay Neel Akash

Favourite singer      : Manna Day, Mousumi Bhoumik

                                     Michael Jackson

Favourite song           : আমি শুনেছি সেদিন তুমি, আকাশনীলা,

                                      কফি হাউজের সেই আড্ডাটাBeat it

                                 Every night in my dreams

Favourite director      : Sattajit Roy, Hrittik Ghotok

Favourite film            : পথের পাঁচালী, হঠাৎ বৃষ্টি, The Illusionist,                                        The Japanese Wife

Favourite actor          : Zahid Hasan, Asaduzzaman Noor

                                    Opi Karim, Bipasa Hayat

Favourite games         : Football, Cricket

Favourite player         : Maradona, Shacin Tandulker, 

                        Akram Khan, Sakib Al Hasan

Favourite colour        : Black & White

Favourite flower        : Belly

Favourite bird           : Black Drongo (কালো ফিঙে)


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